Since 2001, ArchaeoTek  is dedicated to providing field and laboratory education and research opportunities in Transylvania, Romania, for archaeology and anthropology students and enthusiasts, offering affordable ways to explore their passion, while maintaining the highest standards of research and academic excellence. After more than two dozen projects and over 2000 students and volunteers from more than 15 nations, we have become a consecrated archaeological, bioanthropological and  exploration geophysics research center, with excavations covering the entire Carpathian Prehistory, Roman Colonization and Middle Ages; osteology, funerary, bioarchaeology excavations and laboratories; applied field geophysics and geochemistry; archaeo-metallurgy workshops, experimental archaeology and field museology workshops. ArchaeoTek’s core tenet is that academic knowledge on its own, without the appropriate skill sets to make it real in the current job market, is not particularly relevant.  As a result, all our programs focus on skill acquisition and implementation through intensive hands-on experience and training, within an extensive academic context provided by a well published, highly trained staff. And might as well do it in a setting filled with culture and history, castles and churches, magic and legends, heroes and villains… Transylvania!!!





Make sure to check the SAA, AAPA, PPA Annual Meeting programs for further updates on our research in Transylvania.



After the success of the program during the 2016-2019 campaigns, during the 2020 season, we will continue to offer several 5 day long intensive ground penetrating radar field and lab workshop. The length of the program and the size of the teams (2-3 person/team), combined with the amazing location, makes this program essential to anyone interested in a new and highly marketable skill set. Even more so, with the acquisition of a second GPR unit at a different frequency and in a different configuration, we can offer the best and most complete GPR training program on the market!


ArchaeoTek's Seventh International Student Colloquium on Bioarchaeology and Osteology was a great success. Congratulations to all the students and staff whose research and dedication made it such a great event. Check ArchaeoTek's Community Facebook page timeline for the Colloquium program.




  • The outstanding success of our 2018 and 2019 GPR projects, the Applied Field Geophysics Workshop - GPR Applications, prompted us to buy a second GPR unit with a different central frequency and a different configuration. As a result, our participants will have the unique opportunity to get fully proficient on a 250MHz GPR system, in a cart configuration, as well as 500MHz system, in a rough terrain configuration.

  • Furthermore, participants who are committed to expand their field skill set can register to our new Geophysics Exploration and Field Excavation program. It is a 4 week program, combining the GPR Applications Workshop (5 days) and  Roman Villa Excavation (3 weeks). Participants save $200 over the combined costs of the individual programs.


New for our 2020 season: our Applied Field Geophysics Workshop-GPR Applications will allow the comparative professional training on the core GPR systems and configurations used in near surface investigations: 250MHz and 500MHz transducers, in respectively cart and rough terrain configurations. Our program is open to all disciplines, focusing on GPR theory, methods, techniques and applications.


As a result of overwhelming positive response and further request from our participants, we are offering the possibility to combine all sessions of our the GPR Applications Workshop with both field sessions of our Roman Villa Excavation as a stand alone program, allowing to save $200 on the combined fees. Our two research/training case study sites have been carefully chosen to combine increasing complexity of ancient, historical and modern features. These sites provide an unparalleled access to a diverse set of features and conditions.  We address urban and proto-urban settlement construction, complex anthropogenic stratigraphic relationships, variation in soil structure and conditions, wide range of materials and their use/reuse, unmapped ancient and modern utilities, potential graves, modern and ancient civil works projects (including the remains of roads, aqueducts, and wells), changes in hydrogeological environment caused by modern human intervention, and all as-yet undiscovered features. The highest quality for the best price on any GPR courses available anywhere!!!

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