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Community Outreach



From former ArchaeoTek students, project participants and the community at large, this would probably give anyone interested in going on an anthropological adventure in Transylvania the best advice out there!!! So here's what to expect, how to do it right and how to really enjoy it!!!


After all:

"Archaeology without humanity

is the driest dust that blows"

Sir Mortimer "Ric" Wheeler

Archaeology from the Earth


ArchaeoTek in the News


In the last few years, ArchaeoTek and its projects has seen a tremendous increase in Romanian media coverage at local, regional, national and even international levels, in both Romanian and Hungarian. We believe that one of our roles as anthropologists is to make our work relevant to the local communities and to be sure that both our projects and our results are open to the public. Although all the articles are either in Romanian or Hungarian (Google Translate), if you want to have a peek to see what we look like in the field and lab, here it is!!!


Our Most Important Resource for our Participants



ArchaeoTek's Community Facebook Page


Where you can find thousands of pictures shared by our students and project participants, documenting their experiences in Transylvania!!!


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