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ArchaeoTek / BioArch Canada is a research center first, museum oriented second, and academic institution third. As such, our focus is the acquisition of skill sets that would give our participants a professional edge in the highly competitive current job market, both in Academia and in the private sector. Consequently, we fully understand the paramount importance of hands-on experience and the potential catastrophic consequences of missing one year, potentially two or three, in acquiring those professional skills.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has caught us - and the entire world - unprepared. The situation has changed, as we have learned how to manage the disease and mitigate the associated risks, as well as how to stay safe and avoid infection.  As a result, the 2021, 2022 and 2023 projects were a success!!!

For the 2024 season, we will continue to implement the prophylactic measures that that will be then required to minimize the risks of infection, while enhancing the safety of our participants, our staff and our hosts, during our projects. The measures considered will be modified and adapted as more scientific information regarding COVID-19 becomes available. Full Covid-19 vaccination (including the appropriate booster vaccine) will remain a prerequisite to participate to our programs.

​That being the case, we will still enforce our own prophylactic measures (in addition to the ones required by the Romanian government), as needed:

  1. Full Covid-19 vaccination (including booster shot), completed no later than May 1, 2024) is required to participate to any of our programs.

  2. Participants are personally required and responsible to fulfill all travel and arrival requirements set by airlines and host country, including (but not limited too): Covid-19 vaccination, proof of being Covid-19 negative when boarding the plane, COVID-19 testing on arrival/departure, if presenting any symptoms, quarantine/isolation, health and travel insurance covering COVID-19, etc.

  3. Bucharest (city, as opposed to Bucharest Airport, which is situated in the city of Otopeni, about 20km from Bucharest City) is and will remain a Covid-19 hotspot. It is strictly forbidden to enter Bucharest City prior to the beginning of any of our programs.

  4. If quarantine/isolation is required prior to the beginning of the program, participants need to make the appropriate arrangements. We can arrange a quarantine in Romania, at our respective base. Cost USD525 for 5 days.

  5. Unless otherwise specified, indoor access to bars and restaurants is not allowed.

  6. Strict curfew will be enforced.

  7. Appropriate hand washing is required when entering any indoor space, including hotel rooms and program’s labs.

  8. Unless otherwise specified, masks are mandatory in all indoor spaces.

  9. Mask are required at all times when using public transportation.

  10. Disposable masks need to be replaced daily. Reusable masks are required to be washed daily with proper detergent.

  11. Social distancing is required when possible.

  12. Any other prophylactic measures required by the staff.

  13. In case a member of the team becomes sick with COVID-19, he/she/they will be immediately isolated and all measures required by law will be strictly enforced. The participant suspected of or infected with COVID-19 is responsible for the costs of quarantine, medical treatment, and/or repatriation. No refund is available in this context. We will strictly follow CDC isolation guidelines ( AND Romanian law requirements.

  14. Because of the incoherent and mostly political response from the US government to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel advisories issued by any US institution, governmental or otherwise, will be taken into account only for their informative content and will not be considered as a valid condition for cancellation.

  15. ArchaeoTek and BioArch Canada are independent, Canadian institutions of research and learning. It is in that capacity that they will strive for the field and laboratory programs to take place in a safe and controlled environment.

  16. Any participant that fails to follow any of the prophylactic measures of the project, or any of the laws and regulations of the program’s host country, places in danger the lives of both the program team members and hosts. This behavior will result in immediate dismissal from the project and eviction from project facilities, without compensation.

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