(Ph.D., M.Sc., M.A.)

Curriculum Vitae





  • owner and director of three research and training centers (ArchaeoTek Canada, BioArch Canada, Near-Surface Exploration)

  • current Program Director of six international archaeology/anthropology field project/schools and Principal Investigator on two international research programs

  • highly skilled in project conceptualization, interdisciplinary integration, logistics management, practical implementation

  • 20 years of experience directing/coordinating multiple field schools, laboratory and training workshops, with an international research/teaching staff of 10-15 (or more), and 120-150 students and volunteers

  • extensive experience in field surveying and exploration (pedestrian, aerial, geochemical, and geophysical)

  • graduate level education in Archaeology, Anthropology, Geophysics, History, Classical Studies

  • 20+ years of teaching experience in post-secondary academic environments

  • extensive experience in Medieval, Classical and European Prehistoric field and classroom archaeology (survey, excavation, method and theory)

  • extensive expertise in integrating historical, archaeological, geophysical and remote sensing approaches

  • full proficiency in English, French and Romanian; full passive proficiency in Spanish; advanced knowledge of Latin and Ancient Greek

  • academic and research excellence




  • The outstanding success of our 2018 and 2019 GPR projects, the Applied Field Geophysics Workshop - GPR Applications, prompted us to buy a second GPR unit with a different central frequency and a different configuration. As a result, our participants will have the unique opportunity to get fully proficient on a 250MHz GPR system, in a cart configuration, as well as 500MHz system, in a rough terrain configuration.

  • Furthermore, participants who are committed to expand their field skill set can register to our new Geophysics Exploration and Field Excavation program. It is a 4 week program, combining the GPR Applications Workshop (5 days) and  Roman Villa Excavation (3 weeks). Participants save $400 over the combined costs of the individual programs.



This year, COVID-19 caught us (and the entire world) unprepared. But we have learned our lessons and we are setting up our 2021 projects accordingly. We will be taking all the necessary prophylactic measures to keep our staff, our participants and our hosts safe, while providing, as usual, an educational and training experience to the highest standards.

All our projects will be back in 2021 and we are looking forward to a season of archaeology, bioarchaeology, osteology and ground penetrating radar (GPR) exploration!!!

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