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  • owner and director of three research and training centers (ArchaeoTek Canada, BioArch Canada, Near-Surface Exploration)

  • current Program Director of six international archaeology/anthropology field project/schools and Principal Investigator on two international research programs

  • highly skilled in project conceptualization, interdisciplinary integration, logistics management, practical implementation

  • 20 years of experience directing/coordinating multiple field schools, laboratory and training workshops, with an international research/teaching staff of 10-15 (or more), and 120-150 students and volunteers

  • extensive experience in field surveying and exploration (pedestrian, aerial, geochemical, and geophysical)

  • graduate level education in Archaeology, Anthropology, Geophysics, History, Classical Studies

  • 20+ years of teaching experience in post-secondary academic environments

  • extensive experience in Medieval, Classical and European Prehistoric field and classroom archaeology (survey, excavation, method and theory)

  • extensive expertise in integrating historical, archaeological, geophysical and remote sensing approaches

  • full proficiency in English, French and Romanian; full passive proficiency in Spanish; advanced knowledge of Latin and Ancient Greek

  • academic and research excellence

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