Applied Field Geophysical Methods - GPR Applications


Period: Provincial/Imperial Roman - Daco-Roman - Medieval
Type: intensive ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey and analysis training
Dates:  6 day intensive course (Monday - Friday)
  • Session 1: May 30 - June 5, 2021

  • Session 2: August 1 - August 7, 2021

  • Session 3: August 8 - August 14, 2021

Cost: US$1095 per session
See program description for requirements.

Geophysics Exploration and Roman Field Excavation


Period: Provincial/Imperial Roman - Daco-Roman
Type: Integrated program comprising 5 days intensive ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey and analysis, and 3 weeks of Roman palatial villa and settlement excavation
  • Session 1: June 6 - July 3, 2021 (4 weeks mandatory)
  • Session 2: July 4 - July 31, 2021 (4 weeks mandatory)
Cost: US$2395 per session
See program description for requirements.



  • The outstanding success of our 2018 and 2019 GPR projects, the Applied Field Geophysics Workshop - GPR Applications, prompted us to buy a second GPR unit with a different central frequency and a different configuration. As a result, our participants will have the unique opportunity to get fully proficient on a 250MHz GPR system, in a cart configuration, as well as 500MHz system, in a rough terrain configuration.

  • Furthermore, participants who are committed to expand their field skill set can register to our new Geophysics Exploration and Field Excavation program. It is a 4 week program, combining the GPR Applications Workshop (5 days) and  Roman Villa Excavation (3 weeks). Participants save $200 over the combined costs of the individual programs.



The latest update from our Romanian scientific partners indicates that field and museum work will resume, in Romania, by June 1. However, due to the severe mismanagement of the health crisis in the US, the travel restrictions a lot of other countries (including Romania) have set in place in regards to US citizens and/or people traveling from the US will not be lifted at the end of the Romanian state of emergency, on May 15. This aspect of the problem should be resolved by early to mid-June.

As a result, considering that most of the students and staff are coming from the US, the first session (June 7 - July 4, 2020) of our programs is not sustainable any longer, therefore, we are forced to cancel it. The second session (July 5 - August 1, 2020) is still active and we are working on the premise that we will be in the field and lab on July 5 to run the second session as planned. In this context, we will run the session with a much smaller crew, so we can enforce additional prophylactic measures (including housing, meals, work) effectively.

Please keep in mind that the Budapest arrival (and pick up for the osteology and bioarchaeology participants) is no longer an option, due to the unstable political situation in Hungary. The osteology and bioarchaeology pick up has been moved to Cluj Napoca. The GPR/Roman Villa Excavation pick up remains in Simeria, with a potential pick up option in Sibiu.

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